21 March 2011
Stakeholder Consultation Meeting for Clean Development Mechanism
@ Marina Mandarin Singapore, Vanda Ballroom, Level 5, 2pm, Free Admission


Please confirm attendance to:
Ms Yen Yen at 63162060 or yenyen.low@greenpowerasia.com
by 17th March 2011


Green Power Asia Pte Ltd (GPA) is a district energy plant developer, engineer and sustainable solutions provider on developing power and utility plants for industrial and commercial facilities.

GPA is setting up a 6.32 MW natural gas based package cogeneration project for supplying electricity and steam to a manufacturing facility at
45 Senoko Road.

Since the proposed project is contributing to the mitigation of carbon emission as it is major effect on global climate change, the project developer, GPA, intends to develop this project as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project.

The project activity will achieve greenhouse gases (GHG) emission reduction on two fronts:

  • By generating electricity and medium pressure (MP) steam with a state of art gas turbine cogeneration system, thus replacing the grid electricity and offsetting light fuel oil (LFO) and diesel to produce the same amount of MP steam

  • By generating high pressure (HP) steam from fuel switching LFO and diesel to natural gas (which has lower carbon emission factor) and thus offsetting LFO and diesel to produce the same amount of HP steam

Further, the project will contribute towards meeting the sustainable development objectives of Singapore in the following ways:

  • Promotion awareness of lower emission technologies thereby encourages adoption of cleaner energy utilisation.

  • Capacity building and transfer greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies to Singapore

  • Employment opportunities in Singapore

Thus the project activity contributes to the protection and conservation of the local environment by producing cleaner and greener technologies and mitigating climate change.